I s’pose an introduction is in order.

Why are you here?

  • Because stufffundieslike is fabulous enough that I haven’t even finished stalking through their archives and I already know I want an account to comment on posts. If you want my purpose for this blog, you’ll have to keep reading.

Who are you?

  • 24601. No, but seriously. I’m a twenty-something female who is also a recovering Independent Fundamental Baptist.
  • Also I run a roleplay blog for Javert and co-admin an appreciation blog for him as well, so I should probably not call myself 24601 so much, even if I am mostly joking. >.>

So where do you go to church at? Or have you left the Christian faith all together?

  • I’m still a Christian. As of right now I still attend the Baptist church I’m recovering from (which is another reason why personal information will be at a minimum here). Our entire church is recovering from its self, but we’ve still got a long way to go, so whether I’ll still be at this same church years down the road? That I can’t guarantee.

What is your purpose behind this blog?

  • To no longer be my pastor’s sheep.
  • To help others no longer be their pastor’s sheep.

But aren’t pastors supposed to be shepherds?

  • In a way, yes, but not to bring the sheep back to themselves. Pastors are to bring us to the Lord. They would be more accurately described as sheep dogs herding us towards our one true shepherd, the Lord.

I still don’t understand why you’re here.

  • Because the Bible trumps what my pastor says. Because too many pastors have manipulated too many passages of scripture to fit their personal beliefs, condemning others for sins they’ve committed that aren’t actually in the Bible (and are therefore not sins to begin with). Because you can’t lead people to the one true God with lies.

Give me a “sin” that’s not actually in the Bible.

  • I can only list one?


  • Homosexuality.

But there are verses to prove that’s a sin! You’re lying!

  • Actually your Bible translation is lying, but you’ll have to wait a post or two before I show you how.

You’re a fool.

  • For wanting a more accurate translation of the Bible than the ones we have now? I’m absolutely insane.

Out of curiosity, what translation do you use?

  • Until I’ve taken enough Greek and Hebrew to feel comfortable using the original text more than a translation? Shockingly enough, most of my copies are in the King James Version. Considering my church, most likely 1611. I have at least one NIV, but I tend to default to KJV for my church. It’s easier to follow along in the sermon when your Bible is the same translation as what your pastor’s quoting. Just in case the pastor is misreading the English text as well. I’ll be looking into other English translations soon though. I’d like to see if there’s a translation out there at least slightly more accurate than the ones I have now. If you have any recommendations, I’ll gladly take them.

You use way too many commas.

  • Sorry…

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